Tian Nan Si Chan7 Retreat Sharing

Tian Nan Si Chan7 Retreat Sharing

I chanced upon Master Sheng Yen's Buddha teachings via YouTube last year. Shifu gave me an impression as a very soft spoken master who armed with endless knowledge about Buddhism and I very much appreciated the way Shifu tried to cultivate Sangha and his beliefs in taking 3 refuge.

Since then, I have made a routine effort to watch his video at least once a day and actively joined activities held by Dharma Drum Singapore as well as attending the 2 days book club seminar in Taipei last October 2016. Through his teachings, I learnt a lot and one significant change on me is to learn to totally let go for something that has no point holding on to.

The recent 7 days zen meditation retreat in DDM Tian Nan Shi has further enhanced my belief in Buddhism via DDM and Master Sheng Yen. Throughout the 8 days there, I have never been so peaceful before and it is a total reflection on myself while meditation. There are wild thoughts for the first few days but at the fourth day, I was so immense with meditation that I felt peace and calm in my inner self. The wild thoughts and worries for my family have seem much relieved through facing and accepting since this cannot be controlled. Whilst there are things could not be resolved and/or let go within my means but at least I faced it and accepted it.

I am very blessed and fortunate to be converted to Buddhist at Tian Nan Shi under Master Sheng Yen Chan Lineage.

Shifu's teachings have given me a lot of courages as life journey has never been a stagnant status but a constant change.

I wish all of us will follow the path of Bodhisattvas to practice compassion and wisdom and cultivate forgiving heart to benefit all sentient beings!

By: Janis Khoo
Event Date: 2017 March 12-21