MoZhao Chan 7 at DDM

MoZhao Chan 7 at DDM

I did not join MoZhao Chan for a while. Master Shengyen advice always ring in my mind. If one found and encountered a method which is suitable, one should persevere in its practice. That is why I attended again :-)

Shifu teaching has never failed to guide us in the step by step practice. The concepts that stays in my mind includes some of the followings : (also couple with Leading Fashi words)

Mo (默) is unmoving mind.
Zao (照) is clarity state of mind.
Do not give names, compare or describe any object.
Chan practitioner should always put sentient beings as his priority to help and let go of self. This is the Bodhisattva path.


Repentance bowing to reflect and cleanse ourself spiritually. Face our weakness and stop actions which are not correct. And conserve energy to move on confidently.

Try experience impermanence in our meditation practice so that when we face impermanence in our daily life, we really can appreciate and truly help us better.

Amituofo Pureland practice is good but immediate practice to help sentient being in our daily life is important to Chan practitioners.

Diligent in practice. Make it part of your routine to sustain the method and apply to daily life more effectively. This includes our morning and evening chanting.

Relaxation is the pre requisite to MoZao method. Always be aware of your whole body state by bringing your mind to scan the whole body. If there is any part which is tense or not well, be aware of it but do not dwell or worry about it. Go past it if cannot relax.

Make exercise a daily practice to relax your body and hence influence your mind indirectly as well.

Go to nature often as it is the best way to Calm and Relax yourself. Meditate by riverside experience is very profound. I found myself grow closer to the environment as if its part of me.

I found my mind talks to me so much that I am amazed and often need to come back to the method to 'distract' myself :-)

I asked myself a realistic question: how to sustain the benefits attained from any Chan 7 that I have attended. On deeper reflections: to continue the daily practice as above. Not forgetting to listen to Dharma teachings or reading Dharma books. Just read from Venerable Jicheng's  禅观生死 to remember to write little by little to share and to cultivate good habits on writing.

Hence, I brace myself to write the experience. Hope you can benefit a little too. There will be MoZhao Chan 49 in July 2017 in DDM. Are you ready and qualify to attend the different duration planned out? Opportunity is hard to come by.  Make the best plan for yourself!

Amituofo. With close palms.

By: Tan Ai Lee
Event Date: May 2017