7Days Meditation Sharing

7Days Meditation Sharing

Participant 1

I like to express gratitude to the organiser and volunteer for this retreat and also conducting a 2 days express class before the retreat.

The sitting was tiring although each sitting is short. I realised that lack practise make the sitting tough. The DVD Dharma talk is very useful. Shifu gave detail step on the practice and give me better understanding on the Dharma.

Participant 2

Understanding of oneself

Have been practising meditation regularly at home for an hour or 1.5 hours sitting. Clarity within is ok, however, “just sitting” helps me to keep alert at all time of great tranquillity.

Benefit of Master DVD

It has been with us and the words of wisdom always enlightening.
Yes indeed, meditation is never-ending.. not even when one is enlightened.
Dharma is Great!

Participant 3

Before coming

I did not know what is the daily schedule and what to expect. I did not even know that I have to give up my hand-phone and wallet for a week. All previous retreat that I have been to did not require giving up on these things so I did not inform anyone that I will be uncontactable for a week.

During the course

I am quite surprised that I am able to manage without any communication with the outside world. By the second or third day, I was actually thinking of going home because throughout the first few days, I have been sleepy and dozing off during medication and Dharma talk. Initially, I thought I am just too tired, later I realised I felt a bit feverish and have some sore throat so I thought it was because I was sick. So I decided to stay since I have taken medicine. But the sleepiness continues until today. I was only fully awake after lunch and was again surprised that I managed to sit for an hour of meditation which I have never been able to do.

Venerable Talk

Like the part about today being the last day and we should go all the way out and cherish the last day of the retreat. And I like the meditation teacher who was sleepy and sat at the cliff and gained enlightenment when he fell down.

Participant 4

Experience/ Expectation of the retreat
The retreat was well organised. The program was well planned.
The procedure of Dharma Drum Mountain was clearly explained and well executed. This is different from other meditation practice.
Physical exercise, the 8 moving exercise, sitting and standing exercised for stronger body to able to practice Chan.
Through this retreat, to be in relaxing state is not easy.
Open eye to distract against knee pain, use breath counting method.

Participant 5

Before coming

To enjoy the retreat, nil in expectation.
To maintain mindfulness and positive thinking
To improve meditation practice as seldom practice
To enjoy the retreat
To continue learning
Very afraid of meditation, came due to friend’s encouragement.

During the course

Walking meditation, very calm during the session, nil paying attention to leg, only the mind. Very calm during meal time. Manage to sit thru with full lotus position, with “Om Mani Padme Hum” If can endure the pain, can apply the experience if faced with difficulties during life.

Very groggy during first 2 days. Maybe due to caffeine addiction.. Maybe due to insufficient air circulation indoors. Stayed awake by looking at Buddha.
Nothing works out according to plan, so live in the present.
Not the same method can work the same during different sittings.
Very sleepy until last day. Only very awake during the “free meditation”

Master Advice

Don’t think you never improve during Chan 7. In fact everyone improves.
Just practice diligently, do not expect anything out of it.
Rat nibbling the coffin, hen hatching eggs.
During the course
Nil high fluctuations in mood.
Sense of calm.
Find it torturing initially to sit thru one after another meditation.
Manage to understand pain better.
To kneel if feeling groggy during meditation.
To be discipline in the practice and with perseverance.

By: Various participants

Event Date: 2016 October 15-22

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