Mission & Vision

The Common Ethos of Dharma Drum Mountain

Our Vision

To uplift the character of humanity and build a pure land on earth.

Our Spirit

To give of ourselves for the benefit of all.

Our Direction

To return to the original intention of the Buddha and work for the purification of the world.

Our Approach

To promote comprehensive education and extend loving care to all.


The Three Types of Education

Education through Academics

Education through Academics aims to provide comprehensive, humanistic education to nurture the talents for building a pure land in the human realm.


  • Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts
  • Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies
  • Dharma Drum Sangha University

Education through Public Outreach

Education through Public Outreach helps to uplift humanity through traditional cultivation and modern education.

Education through Caring Services

Education through Caring Services promotes living in accordance with Buddhism: caring for and respecting every stage of life, promoting a compassionate and humanistic society.


Four Kinds of Environmentalism

  1. Protecting the Spiritual Environment

    • Chan Meditation
    • The Fivefold Spiritual Renaissance Campaign
  2. Protecting the Natural Environment

    • Recognizing blessings
    • Cherishing blessings
    • Nurturing blessings
    • Sowing the seeds of blessings
  3. Protecting the Living Environment

    • Our wants are many
    • Our needs are few
    • Pursue only what you can and should acquire
    • Never pursue what you can't and shouldn't acquire
  4. Protecting the Social Environment 

    • The Six Ethics of the Mind
    • Buddhist-Style Joint Weddings
    • Buddhist-Style Joint Birthday Celebration for the Elderly
    • Buddhist-Style Joint Natural Funerals