Volunteer Recruitment

Dharma Drum Singapore is now recruiting volunteers!

"The meaning of life lies in serving; the value of life in giving."
- Master Sheng Yen

Protecting the spiritual environment of sentient beings is the core philosophy of Dharma Drum Mountain, and that mission cannot be achieved without contributions from our volunteers. Ven. Master Sheng Yen once said that each volunteer is like a bodhisattva who helps to build Dharma Drum Mountain as they embrace high end job and low lying task well, and always ready to take up work that no one does.

We welcome all to join us now to support the daily maintenance of the Centre & all Dharma activities. Let us make great compassion vow, to serve all people and benefit both others and ourselves!

You can select a timing that suits your own schedule.

For quiries, please call Reception at 6735 5900 or email us at ddsg@ddm.org.sg

Brief Introduction of our Volunteer Groups

Kitchen Group

Prepare meals and related tasks. Volunteers are needed to prepare and cook the food, wash, cleaning up utensils, kitchen and dinning hall.

Reception Group

Be a receptionist for DDS in both routine or during an event, to receive visiting guests or event participants; data entry for Cloud tablets.

Education Group

Assist in educational classes (eg. FuTianBan, Reading Club, Free Distribution Booklets propagation, Dharma Talk) in the area of planning, organizing and execution.

Shrine Hall Group

Shrine Hall setup for chanting events, including floral arrangement, incense offering etc., general maintenance; guidance of participants during events.

Life Care Group

Provide supportive chanting to help the departing be reborn in Pure Land.

Site Group - Medical

Setup Medical Service Centre during an event, take care of patrons bodily conditions.

Publicity Group

Assist to promote and publicise activities and projects; videography & photography.

Maintenance & Environment Group

Perform all environment maintenance tasks.

Site Group - Transport

Ensure smooth traffic with traffic control and/or provide transit; assist in chauffeuring monastic members and guests.

Site Group - Setup/Logistics

Venue setup & preparation for an event; support any task that required immediate action.

Audio Visual Group

Audio & visual control, powerpoint presentation.

IT Group

Data entry of both English and Chinese data.


Please join us as Volunteers!


Our activities are successful because of volunteers like you.
Thank you!