Dharma Drum Singapore


Dharma Drum Singapore (DDS), a non-profit organisation, was established since 1996, registered as a Society since 2004 and is governed by both Registry of Society and Commissioner of Charities. Its main purpose is to promote Mind-life and Environment Protection (心灵环保), Chinese Chan Dharma Drum Buddhism (中华禅法鼓宗), and Meditation (禅修), that are based on principles and methods of Dharma Drum Mountain founded by Master Sheng Yen (圣严法师).

Dharma Drum Mountain’s education system follows three main approaches:

  1. Academics (大学院教育)
  2. Public Outreach (大普化教育)
  3. Caring Services (大关怀教育)


DDS was originally located at Arcadia Garden. Since then, DDS had moved its premises several times:

  1. 1996 Arcadia Garden
  2. 1998 Balmoral Plaza Basement
  3. 1999 May, Pearl’s Centre
  4. 2003 Apollo Centre
  5. 2005 January, Lam Ann Building
  6. 2007 December, 100A Duxton Road
  7. 2013 April 13, 龙泉寺38 Carpmael Road
  8. 2017 March 29, Pek Chuan Building (temporary office desk only)
  9. 2018 June 1, Ace Building (current)


Board Members & Key Management Personnel

DDS is fully managed by volunteers including the Board Members (who are also the Management Committee), with support of full-time staff.

Since 2017, the operations of DDS are mentored by a Resident Venerable, from Dharma Drum Mountain Sangha.

The Resident Venerable is:

  • Mentor Venerable Chang Ju 常炬法师

The DDS Board and Management Committee comprises the following members:

President Gao Dehui
Vice President Gan Swee Hwa
Vice President Loh Wei
Treasurer Wong Chin Loon
Assistant Treasurer Tan Siew Cheng
Secretary Sun Hsiu Mei
Member Chu Siew Yuen
Member Tan Ai Lee
Member Teo Huang Cheng
Member Low Li Lin


DDS organises its volunteers in the following groups:

  1. Meditation
  2. Education
  3. Chanting of Dharma Sutra
  4. Maintenance of Dharma Main Hall
  5. Life-Caring for families of the deceased (大事关怀)
  6. Reception of members and guests (including maintenance of DDS Store, 请购区)
  7. Organisation of volunteers (Kitchen, Environmental & Maintenance, Publicity, AV, IT, Transport, etc)


Activities & Donation Programmes

DDS organises activities of wide-ranging topics and are publicised in this website and soical media, please visit Events, Past Events and our Facebook Event Albums.

Activities categories:

  1. Skill class (才艺班)
  2. Dharma class (佛学班)
  3. Meditation class/retreat (基础禅训班,禅一/二,禅七,等)
  4. Dharma Puja (法会)
  5. Group practices (共修)

The operations of DDS are primarily supported by voluntary donations (随喜护持) from the members of the society or public, on unsolicited basis.
Donation programmes include:

  1. Voluntary donation for support of DDS operations / activities
  2. Voluntary donation for blessings – Dharma Puja, Offering of Light