Gilbert Gutierrez

Gilbert Gutierrez is one of the five lay Dharma heirs of Chan Master Sheng Yen. He has over fifty years of experience in meditation, which began with training in martial arts and Qi Gong. A practicing attorney, Gilbert’s home base is in Southern California. He lectures regularly at the Los Angeles DDMBA chapter and with his own Riverside Chan Meditation Group ( He also leads retreats in the US, Canada, Europe and Taiwan. With his online platform, Mind Work Forum, Gilbert offers an opportunity for the traditional Chan teacher-student dialogue in a modern venue.

Gilbert teaches in a classical Chan style which inspires his students to investigate Mind through diligent practice and Right View. Gilbert’s sincerity and patience in delivering others before himself is unflagging. He teaches in a way that is simultaneously casual, humorous, accessible and deep, by drawing on every-day life situations as well as the works of great masters. He encourages students to practice sincerely so that wisdom and compassion will arise, and the nature of Mind will be revealed.