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从即日起 新加坡护法会将分发2020春联【培福有福】 。欢迎大家免费(限量)索取,把福气带回家,在新的一年里张贴新气象。数量有限,分完为止。


Experiencing The DaBeiChan Chanting Event (大悲忏法会)

Each and every time no matter how busy or how tired I am, This is a “MUST” attend group chanting event. It is an event organised by Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) organisation. I will cleansed myself and getting ready diligently before this profound occasion!

The purpose of this event is to seek repentance by praying wholeheartedly, being with all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of Ten Directions and be blessed by Them. The method experienced was to let myself relax into the sutra, focusing on its teaching, by fully accepting it so as to cultivate the bodhi heart. I, being immersed in the chanting, was captured by its beautifully phrased sutra yet practical Dharma content. Together with all other fellow participants, I let myself flow along with the venerables leading the chanting. It was a great experience indeed. Repentance came easily to me. I was then recharged with energy, having a strong faith in me to move on. The clarity and calmness of the mind naturally sank in. There was no greed, hatred, ignorance and "unmoved “ by any disturbances happening around me. Yet I knew what was right from wrong. Amazing :-) However, this was just a little experience there and then, that must be harnessed continuously through subsequent routine practice to sustain the clarity of mind. I remembered once a teacher had said, in your daily busy life, whenever you remember this experience, it will served as a motivation for you to keep going back to the practice again and again, which is vital for a practitioner to continue to practice and grow along the Dharma path amidst the worldly matters.

The power of group chanting is always unimaginably encouraging. The happiness emanates from within oneself increases one's faith in the Dharma even more. Furthermore, I treasure this precious opportunity to be able to cultivate respect, appreciation and gratitude of the Dharma with the sincere act of offering flowers and incense to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of Ten Directions.

I am especially thankful to Master Shengyen, the DDM founder and his disciples monks and nuns for creating various opportunities for lay Buddhists to practice the chanting of Dabeichan, the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Guan Yin) method (法门) advocated by Master Shengyen. In order to repay and have continued appreciation of the Master’s guidance , one has to continue to cultivate the Bodhi heart and mind by putting it into use in our daily lives i.e. to help anyone in need, with wisdom and compassion.

Thank you venerables and volunteers for the great effort in organising this excellent chanting event on the Birthday of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Guan Yin).

Namoguanshiyin pusa
Namoguanshiyin pusa
Namoguanshiyin pusa


By Chen Chang Weng 陈常翕
Event Date : 21/7/2019

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