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2016 禅一心得分享, 1 Day Meditation Retreat Sharing

Thank you for organising this English session at Serimbum Camp. Everything was organised very well and the teaching in English exceeded my expectation. The location is very suitable. Last but not least, is serving the attendees a cold lemonade drink at the end of the session. This tell me of the thoughtfulness on our welfare.

What I learnt the most is, despite this is a group session, it is our own individual effort which we must practise. It is about Right Efffort and Right Diligence that one must be aware of. While sitting cross legged is not easy and it gets painful as one go for a long period, the pain made me more aware of my physical body and it indirectly cause me back to focus on my body and let go of the fleeting thoughts. The silence of not talking is good as it made me more aware of my own mind and to bring my mind home, to the body. When I do walking meditation, including over pebbled path, I try to bring my mind back to the body when I feel the sensation on my feet. The 8 form meditation is another easier method.

These two substitute the proper sitting meditation when I can't do it, due to rush of the day. It is a challenge how to adapt to mindful living, one mind on one thing where our physical body is doing, when we are driving, or in the MRT or buses. I have spoken to some friends and they are people who, like me, look forward to English sessions on meditation.

Thank You Once Again.


By: Eng Keng Huak

Event Date: 16th July 2016

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