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We all know that the habit of saving is important to lead a worry-free and happy life. Those who save will look out for these criteria in a bank - the reliability of the bank, and the interest rates offered.

In Buddhist terms, the nature of saving deposits can be characterised as limited or unlimited; and temporary or permanent.

To give an example: Let’s take a look at the nature of the deposits in these 3 accounts: Personal, Society and the Triple Gems. The deposit in one’s personal account is limited and temporary; and can only be withdrawn by yourself and a few others. Whereas the deposit in a society account is unlimited and permanent; and can be withdrawn and used by the public.  Finally, the deposit in the Triple Gems is not only infinitely permanent, but also infinitely endless in the ten directions of the infinite worlds, lasting over endless future lives.

For the sake of our present and future lives, we should all start saving in these 3 accounts from now on.

Giving is the best way to benefit all sentient beings, the basic method of practicing the Bodhisattva path and the ultimate method of saving.

Translated from 
— Master Sheng Yen 圣严法师《法鼓山的方向》


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